The fittest website for Gyms on the Gold Coast

We really do love what we do here at Sun Media and this client is especially close to our hearts with one our creative directors being a fitness fanatic. This website needed to integrate with the gym membership software; show the true atmosphere and eclectic member mix and appeal to a wide target audience. It needed to be dynamic and fast rendering for mobile incorporating an advanced JavaScript for a better user experience. A timetable with dynamic search function and brilliant mobile render for users to gain information fast. The website needed to be a seamless experience from when users were online to when they walked into the gym. We achieved this through a high-end production photoshoot and point of view style of imagery and digital design. Empire Fitness Centre especially needed a boost after the damage Covid caused to the fitness industry, this is when are social media marketing strategy came into play.

Our process and practice

Reviewing Google Analytics is always our first practice with any new website, we then separate the market sectors which in this case were extremely diverse. Next phase was fundamentally understanding the functionality Empire Fitness needed from the new website – mainly to sign up members online with the website doing the sales and administration rather than staff members on the floor.

Marketing Campaigns

February 2021 saw the launch of a milestone in lead generation since our initial engagement. We did this through a social media campaign; geared to the speak direct to their audience and encourage online free trial sign ups. The increase in memberships was significant due to the powerful campaign and the conversion rates once the potential new member walked through the doors. Our main task was to get them in there; and that's exactly what we did.

Photoshoot Coordination

4 weeks in the making we put the casting call out for the various target audiences, coordinated the onset timings with talent, hair and makeup, DOP and camera operators. We needed to ensure we were capturing the unique atmosphere through showing wide and tight emotive shots in every set, showcasing all USPs, audience sectors and different spaces throughout this massive EMPIRE! The shoot went for 2 days with extraordinary results. The client received thousands of images still current today for all things digital including their social media, website and in house gym screens.