Our Client's Wins Are Our Wins

Within the year we delivered a powerful ecommerce strategy and new website with dynamic search features designed to make the purchasing experience fast and enjoyable. Allowing customers to search via shape, colour, material, price and category. We also integrated a prescription upload system for customers use at ease. Researched competitors worldwide and to come up with this customised solution. Once live we ran marketing campaigns to drive sales through this new powerful site.


Scouting for talent who resonate with the target audience is just one of the many aspects of the photoshoot coordination for Island Optical Sun Media managed. We spent time sourcing the best camera operators for the job and developed the shoot schedule inclusive of all details such as locations and permits. Sun Media were there onsite doing what we love best – creating the brand imagery and video assets for our client. These were used across all digital platforms giving Island Optical it's unique brand flavour.

Our Process and Practice

Through Google Analytics data review and target audience profiling we began to design our digital framework and UX/UI. This is our standard practice for all website design and development projects with target audience testing and refinement.