Our client’s wins are our wins

We delivered a powerful new website with dynamic search features designed to make the purchasing experience fast and enjoyable. Allowing customers to search via shape, colour, material, price and category. In preparation for full ecommerce strategy set for later in 2022, Sun Media integrated VR technology to allow customers to try before they buy. Using any device, at any time customers can use their very own virtual mirror using the latest tech to scan users faces and allow for accurate frame selection prior to either completing their purchase online or in store. For contact lenses orders we integrated a secure prescription upload system for customers use at ease, in line with information security standards. which is specifically related to practices for protecting personally identifiable information (PII) within cloud infrastructure. In addition, we developed a reorder reminder system to create loyalty and repeat sales to the iconic Australian brand.

Search Engine Optimization

In our SEO journey with the Optical Superstore, we embarked on a four-phase strategy to boost their online presence and drive meaningful results.Phase 1 involved diving deep into competitor analysis and onsite content assessment to identify areas for improvement. Armed with this knowledge, we moved swiftly into Phase 2, capitalizing on high-value opportunities to optimize existing content and create new, engaging pieces. The results were impressive, with fast improvements in rankings and the establishment of the Optical Superstore as an authoritative source in their industry.Phase 3 was all about building authority. We focused on creating high-quality backlinks and maintaining a steady stream of valuable content. This combination helped solidify the Optical Superstore's position as a trusted industry leader.To stay ahead of the game, Phase 4 involved regular restrategizing every six months. This allowed us to adapt to changing SEO trends and ensure our efforts remained effective in the long term.Throughout the entire process, we prioritized technical brilliance. Conducting a thorough technical audit, we addressed issues like duplicate meta data, site security vulnerabilities, thin content, and broken links. By resolving these underlying problems, we set the stage for a successful SEO strategy.Keyword research and tracking were crucial components of our approach. Continuously monitoring trends and performance, we uncovered numerous opportunities to boost visibility and attract targeted organic traffic. By understanding the potential clicks and traffic each opportunity could bring, we prioritized areas with the most growth potential.Moving forward, we will continue to collaborate closely with the Optical Superstore's marketing team, aligning our ongoing SEO strategy with their goals and priorities. Together, we will unlock even more growth opportunities through refined keyword research and optimization.Our comprehensive SEO strategy encompasses technical optimization, content optimization, link building, keyword research, and website experience. By following this four-staged approach, we have achieved long-term success in organic rankings for the Optical Superstore

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