Mike Gardiner came to Sun Media to increase his ROI when it came to digital marketing. At the time he switched to us he felt like he was just a number in a big corporate agency and only sales team members would comminate with him and not provide him with a transparent digital strategy based on consistent qualified lead generation.

Sun Media were engaged to do this in 2019 and continue to do so, during our 3 year partnership we have built the team at QBR two dynamic websites, repositioned the brand through design and imagery through photoshoot coordination and ran aggressive AdWords campaigns in conjunction with a comprehensive SEO strategy to ensure high visibility of the brand and worked on one KPI only – LEADS!

QBR has since put on a new project estimator on just to keep up with the enquiry and quotes, we love seeing this level of growth with our clients.

Web Design

Before running any campaign for QBR we needed to redesign their website as it was not conveying key messaging or providing a seamless transition from online to actual customer experience. We showcased all USPs improved user experience and increased call to action throughout. Once we had established the new look website in line with the QBR brand and overall marketing strategy we set up all KPIs in Analytics and went live! This website alone generated XXX leads. With their exceptional growth and new offerings with an elevated branding experience required Sun Media designed and developed a dynamic new website with improved user experience through providing more information online, key selling points and new messaging. This new improved website is enriched with more relative content and an superior navigation including a mega menu function built for speed and ease of information gathering for target audience. We also worked with the QBR to come up with bathroom packages for the audience to give them a starting price point, we’ve also included steps in the process and FAQs to ensure the website is working hard on behalf of our client QBR. Our philosophy here are Sun Media is let the website do the heavy lifting in sales and lead generation to give our clients more time to do what they are best at.


Through extensive competitive analysis and keyword research, we applied our unique approach to SEO with our team focusing on some less competitive words and the more competitive words. This giving QRB an increase in SERPs covering a broad range of search terms, now positioning them as a market leader in Bathroom Renovations in Queensland


We apply an aggressive bidding strategy to ensure QBR are always position number 1 for any search in relation to bathroom renovations on the Gold Coast. Using the latest techniques with expanded text campaigns including responsive ads we set up a simple yet powerful campaign that has generated xx web enquiries and phone calls. The Ads themselves are all copywriting by sales copywriters and quickly outlining the USPs for QBR, conversion rates on average over the past 3 years are xxx

Photoshoot Coordination

For the purposes of creating more branding collateral and on brand content for the new website we coordinated a showroom shoot for QBR to emphasis their USPs and to create an emotional connection with the audience. A reflection of how a customers will feel during and after the engaging QBR to design and build their complete bathroom renovation, featuring staff and the selection process. And all of their main USPs over their competitors being a full size bathroom display showroom, their VR software and bathroom packages making the selection process easy. To create a seamless online/in showroom experience to replicate the experience from when customers walk

Photoshoot Coordination

through the door showcasing the showroom, bathroom packages and the processes and target audience through emotive imagery, capturing warm and friendly atmosphere. Staff smiling, huge focus on customer service and points of difference. Hero imagery based on main points of difference on brand. Showcasing excellent customer service beyond any competitors, happy friendly culture of staff and engaging with customer making sure their every need is met. Friendly atmosphere with the most professional and experienced bathroom builder on the Gold Coast. End result of happy customer.