Join Our Exclusive SunClub

We may be a highly digitised and modern workplace, but we love an actual human connection, too! Here at Sun Media, we aspire to create an authentic, long-lasting connection between our brand and our clients by giving them a space to feel seen and heard by us in a special way. We bring people together and foster conversations, whilst giving them a brand experience they’re glad to be a part of. Consider this as your formal invitation!

YOU have a special opportunity to join our SunClub where you and your team get to join us for elite experiences and events such as luxury cruises, charity balls, and more! Joining is simple. Just partner with Sun Media’s expert SEO or AdWords team (or both) and you’re good to go!

For every 6 months of collaboration with us, we’ll shout you and your team tickets to an exclusive, all-expenses-paid Sun Media event. The following terms and conditions apply:

1.    Utilise our professional SEO services for at least 6 months, with a minimum of 20 keywords, and/or:
2.    Our AdWords management services for at least 6 months, on level 3 campaign management
3.    For SEO: 20 keywords = 2 guests; 40 keywords = 4 guests; 60 keywords = 6 guests; 80 = 8 guests; 100 keywords = 10 guests
4.    For AdWords: level 3 retainer = 2 guests
5 .   You’re eligible to get access to 1 event only per 6 months of membership

With our SunClub Exclusive Corporate Program, not only will you benefit from our 20 years of experience and industry expertise, but you’ll also be able to take your team out for some well-deserved relaxation time… on the house!